The Food Your Body Needs to Live The Life You Want.

We are a Community of Whole Food Plant Based & Gluten Free Foodies that can help you eat and feel your best.


Your Food Shouldn’t Hold You Back

You have been through a lot and you starting to feel the JoJo effects of putting yourself
and your health on the back burner.

We believe you shouldn’t have your settle for restrictive diets and medical intervention.


You will Love the Food Your Body Needs

Discover the a Community that can help you eat and feel your best.

Goal-Focused Meal Plans

We help you choose the right meal plan to get you back on track with your health and wellness, so you can move on and live Life to the fullest. 

Community Driven

This is not another Diet Fad. It's a WFPB, Gluten-Free and judge-free community that will help you feel supported and safe, while finding like-minded people.

Amazing Resources

From weekly group coaching session, to 52+ weekly meal plans, hundreds of recipes, guest speakers and work shops we are here to help you reach your goals fast.

Hi, I’m Chef Frank.

Formerly Eat Like a Vegan Chef

I help 40+ people who are struggling with weight or
simply want to improve their diet by
adopting a whole food plant-based and gluten-free lifestyle
to achieve ultimate health and weight loss.

Let me show you how to eat, cook, and live
like a vegan chef and never have to diet again.

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Go Plant-Based And Never Look Back With These Free Resources...

The Vegan Cheat Sheet

Learn the 10 steps to a thriving whole food plant-based lifestyle based on my own experience making this radical dietary change while working as a professional chef.

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What People Are Saying About  Chef Frank...


OMG, This Challenge has been truly One-of-a-Kind!
1st, it’s the only Weight-Loss or Healthy way of eating Challenge I’ve ever Completed!!!!
As I look back at the other programs, what was missing was an Honest, Open and Caring Instructor. Someone that Truly wants you to succeed and has Real Bonafide Cooking Credentials and who is willing to share.


I'm having an incredible experience learning from Chef Frank about healthy eating and delicious food!

I am forever grateful to him for all of the tools and skills he has taught! Thank you, Chef Frank, from the bottom of my heart!


Wow, this has been an amazing journey. I don't know how I found Chef, but I am so glad I did. Here a few takeaways for me:

1) I've cooked and eaten things I had never heard of.
2) I've gained a few new friends and lost a few pounds.
3) I have an awesome, amazing, caring, patient, know what he's doing Chef that is with me for life.
5) I now know how to eat like a vegan chef